We believe everything should be undertaken with the same bold attitude. From simple brochures to strategic marketing campaigns, we apply the same level of preparation and thought before plunging into the creative process. This way you can be assured of success in your target market


We take great pride in turning client’s concepts into tangible tools for interacting with your target market. Realising people’s ideas for them is our passion. It’s always genuinely touching to receive your thanks after shaking hands on successfully delivering your final product or completed project.


We also love working with paper, from origami to traditional print, Brand Putty go crazy for it. We love to work with other materials and media too – but it’s remarkable what you can do with paper and ink, especially if it’s the GREEN variety.


Emails are a great tool but conversation inspires genuine results. There is nothing more authentic than talking through your requirements and expectations with the people who are going to bring your concepts to life.